30 September 2012

ANLHS Newsletter

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The Archives at Alnwick Castle and the Earls of Northumberland’ will be the subject of Chris Hunwick’s talk at our AGM.

Chris is the archivist for the Duke of Northumberland and we are delighted that he is to be our guest speaker as we have been trying to get him to one of our events for some time.

The AGM is to be held at 1.00 on Saturday 10th
November 2012 and is being hosted by Mitford LHS at their Community Centre, on Fontside, just off the main road through the village. All Individual Members and members of Affiliated Societies are welcome to attend.

In the 19th century, Hinds (married Ploughmen) in Northumberland and the Borders had to provide another worker as part of their agreement with a farmer. That worker was known as the Bondager and could be identified by their distinctive costume.

The story of the hinds and Bondagers, written by Dinah Iredale author of the book ‘Bondagers’, published by Glendale LHS, is now the subject of a 40 minute film produced by Shadowcat Films. Incorporating both drama and documentary, the film brings 1866 vividly to life. This was a time when there was considerable agitation in the countryside about the system and Hinds were fighting for its abolition.

The documentary details have been meticulously researched and the film is set in Kirknewton, Westnewton and Paxton House. Further details can be found in the latest edition of ‘Tyne and Tweed’ or on line at www.shadowcatfilms.com and from where the DVD and Dinah’s excellent book can be obtained.

A new and fully updated list of local history speakers has now been published by ANLHS and sent to all Affiliated Societies. Preparing this new edition has been no easy task, so well done to our Treasurer Michael Thompson.

1.00 Saturday 10th November
Mitford Community Centre
TYNE AND TWEED (Autumn 2012)
In celebration of the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics, we have gone for a Bumper issue this time. The eleven main articles cover a wide variety of topics from the truth behind the oft asserted claim that Berwick changed hands 13 times before finally becoming English, to an account of how the Swarland Settlement provided a new chance for the poor of Newcastle and Gateshead during the Great Depression. Howard Cleeve has provided another instalment of his record of how Richard Grainger rebuilt central Newcastle in 1836/7, while Colin Wakeling looks at the destruction caused by the First World War Zeppelins. Features on men of note who had an influence on Northumbrian life include Armorer Donkin, Samuel Tibbs, James Jarvie and Graham Laidler (Pont of Punch) while our new section on local history societies had resulted in a fascinating tour round Longhorsley churchyard, just the thing for  a brisk autumn walk. A scandal at Bamburgh and a stranding at Blyth complete the mix.

Good reading, good exploring and a credit to Jane Bowen our Editor. If you are tempted to see some of what is described for yourselves copies can be purchased via your Local History Society (cover price £4.50) or direct from  ANLHS, c/o 30 Beverley Terrace, Cullercoats, North Shields, NE30 4NU (£6.00 including postage).

Trafalgar Day 2012 will see the launch of the Collingwood Society.  A north-east based interest group, which is part of the legacy of the highly successful commemorative Collingwood 2010 Festival, the Society is dedicated to all things related to the Admiral.  

The inaugural Annual General Meeting of the Society will take place at 19.30 hrs. Thursday 1st November 2012 at the Newcastle upon Tyne Trinity House in Broad Chare, just off the Quayside.   All are welcome to attend and to contribute to planning the future of the Society.

For more information, please contact Capt. Stephen Healy (trustee) on 0191-2159356.  

Please note that due to the substantial increase in costs, and the fact it was little used, ANLHS has discontinued its PO Box. Societies can now contact us via the Secretary at 30 Beverley Terrace, Cullercoats, North Shields, NE30 4NU, or e-mail localhistory@virginmedia.com . Alternatively you can use the ANLHS website at  http://www.anlhs.org.uk/ .

Sunday 28th October (11 – 4) Northumberland History Fair, Woodhorn Museum, Ashington.
Thursday 1st November          Collingwood Society Inaugural AGM (see above).
Saturday 10th November         ANLHS AGM, Mitford Community Centre (see above).
Saturday 2nd March 2013        Members Group Meeting, St Nicholas Church Hall, S. Gosforth.
Saturday 11th May 2013          Flodden 500 Study Day hosted by Norham and Ladykirk LHS.
Saturday 7th Sept 2013           Round the County Day hosted by Mitford LHS.
Saturday 9th November 2013 ANLHS AGM, venue to be confirmed.

Published and Printed by the Association of Northumberland Local History Societies.

19 September 2012

Pont Island News 2012 just published

Pont Island News is published bi-annually by Ponteland local History Society and distributed free to members. Non members can purchase from the society at £3 per copy.