29 November 2012

The Badger again

Picture of Northumberland Hairpowder Tax

A recent item in the newspaper about refurbishment of The Badger stated that the owner in the late 18th century had earned a vast fortune during the Napolionic wars by selling hair powder.

Someone has their wires crossed a little! The certificate above shows that Shafto Coulter paid Hair powder tax  in 1797.

Duty on Hair Powder Act 1795 (35 Geo. III, c. 49) was an Act of Parliament levying a tax on hair powder. It was repealed in 1869.

The Act stated that everyone wishing to use hair powder must, from 5 May 1795, visit a stamp office to enter their name and pay for an annual certificate costing one guinea. Certain exemptions were included: the Royal Family and their servants, clergymen with an income of under £100 a year, subalterns, non-commissioned officers, privates in the army, artillery, militia, mariners, engineers, fencibles, officers in the navy below commander, yeomanry, and volunteers. A father with more than two unmarried daughters might buy two certificates which would be valid for any number he stated at the stamp office. The master of a household might buy a certificate for a member of his servants which would also be valid for their successors within that year. The use of hair powder had been declining and the tax hastened its near death. In 1812 46,684 people still paid the tax, in 1855 only 997 did, and almost all of these were servants.

21 November 2012

Christmas and "Pressed"

A timely reminder that tickets for the event on 13th December are available from the treasurer, John Angel at a cover charge of £8 per person. 

13 November 2012

Meeting - Strategic Decisions at Flodden

The venue for the Meeting "Strategic Decisions at Flodden" on Thursday 15th November will be the Lounge at Ponteland Memorial Hall.  The venue has been changed as St. Mary's Church Hall is a Polling Station for the elections for Crime & Police Commissioner. The meeting will start at 7.45pm.

Talk to be given by  CHRIS BURGESS, Archeologist

01 November 2012

Wheelbarrow Race Circa 1973

Where you there?

Spot anyone in the photo?  Let us know