23 March 2014

Who is the man in the stove pipe hat?

Work commences in 1854 at Durham on what becomes East Coast Mainline

21 March 2014

Evening meeting programme 2014/2015

18th September. 2014 Christopher Hunwick, 
Alnwick Castle archives and the Earls of  Northumberland.

16th October  2014.   Marie-Therese Mayne. 
“A place for painters – Cullercoats and the phenomenon of Artists2.

20th November 2014  Geoffrey Carter .  
“Battle of Newburn”.     

11th December 2014 Christmas Social
15th January  2015 John and Sheila Moreels.    
  “Nostalgic  Views of the North – 3.   

 19th February 2015.  Ken Smith
“N.East Miners’ Banners”. 

19th March 2015   Gordon Henderson.  
“Roman Medicine”.   

16th April  AGM 2015 .     Marion Anderson  
“Gertrude Bell – Woman  Explorer"