28 January 2016

Railway films

Saturday 30 January 2016
Railway and Heritage films
St Mary's Church Hall, Thornhill Road, Ponteland, NE20 9PZ
3 pm and 7.30 pm
Admission free, donations for British Heart Foundation - doughnuts in the interval
A trip up the East Coast Main line. Scottish Express (1946), Elizabeth Express (1954), a film about Mallard's record-breaking run of 1938, the Flying Scotsman and a High Speed Train. 
All welcome

23 January 2016

Just One Spark

Sat 13th - Sun 21st Feb-- Beamish Museum

In 1812, the Felling Mine Disaster killed 92 men and boys after two explosions ripped through the mine. The cause was found to be the use of a naked candle, which ignited the methane gas and coal dust. As a result of this disaster, a local Reverend launched a campaign to find the design for a mining safety lamp. In January 1816, the Davy safety lamp was successfully tested down Hebburn Mine and designs by George Stephenson and William Reid Clanny were also developed. Just One Spark is the story of the investigation into the explosions and the race to find a solution to ensure the safety of miners. A whole range of activities will be taking place during February Half Term, from live demonstrations to historical investigations, find out and celebrate the mining safety lamp.

  • Watch the “Just One Spark Show” at 11am, 12pm, 2pm and 3pm in the Pit Village Chapel.
  • Join in with the Stephenson and Davy debate in Eston Church to find how who won the race to invent the lamp – which side will you take?
  • Make a replica miners’ lamp to take home in the School.
  • Sing along and learn traditional mining songs in Hetton Band Hall.
  • See musical performances by Benny Graham (weekends only).
  • Have a go at candle making at Pockerley Old Hall.
  • Meet the Pit Ponies in the Pit Pony Stables.
  • Purchase your own Mahogany Drift token, commemorating the Felling Mine Disaster from the Token Cabin in the Colliery Yard.
  • Do you have memories of mining during the 1950s? Learn about our Re-Making Beamish plans and tell us your stories!
  • Visit Pockerley Old Hall to see 1800s mourning traditions following a tragic death in the mine including a funeral procession at 1.30pm.
  • See the day to day accounts of Mathias Dunn of Wylam which describe life down the mine between 1816 and 1824.
  • Felling Heritage Group will have a display on the Felling Pit Disaster and the safety lamp in the Lamp Cabin.
February Half Term is looking to be a really exciting and important event, my top tip would be to catch the “Just One Spark Show” which is a brilliant chance to learn about the creation of a life saving lamp with explosive demonstrations!
Helen Talbot – Learning Coordinator (STEM)
** Please note that the Just One Spark show will involve demonstrating small, controlled, explosions. However, they may still upset children who are sensitive to loud bangs. You may wish for these children to sit further back and/or near an adult – please speak to a member of the team for more information.
The whole museum will be open during February Half Term including the Colliery, Waggonway and Real Ice Rink.